Advanced Mentorship Show at Alison Shaw Gallery

May 5 - 24, 2019

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May 5 – 24, 2019


Sunday May 5, 2019

4 – 6 PM

I’m fortunate to be one of five fine art photographers to show my work at the Alison Shaw Gallery. Over the past two years Alison has been my mentor, and this will be the culmination of our Advanced Mentorship program. It’s a special moment when you’re able to work with someone that you admire so deeply, and are able to connect with on a much deeper level than photography. Both Alison, and her partner Sue have been such positive impacts on my life, and over time I’ve felt my art progress naturally, and with more emotion. Being able to show my work in their space is a dream come true…never did I think I’d be able to get to this point. Join us, along with other amazing artists Brooke Bartletta, Lucy Dahl, Andrea Dawson, and Beth Horstman. See our photography, and enjoy refreshments at their first opening reception of the 2019 season.

Learn more about Alison, and see her work here:

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